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Guangdong LFF Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of car alarm, motorcycle alarms, BSD/BSM, parking sensors, TPMS, central door locking systems and universal power window syestems, Car wireless charger system and smart mirror system. All of our products are manufactured in compliance  with internatio-nal quality standards and feature both high quality and a competitive price.  We have over 300 employees, an annual sales figure that exceeds USD15,000,000 and are currently exporting 85% of our production worldwide. In addition...



2022 Spring Festival Holiday Notice
Happy Dragon Boat Festival in lovely May day
Celebrating the capping of the factory expansion project of GuangDong LFF Technology Company
For the health of the employees, Guangdong LFF Technology Co., Ltd did a wellness checkup for all Employees in 2018


How to choose TPMS ?
Question and answer fro smart DVR
TPMS Question and Solution
Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of the 125th Canton Fair. Love technology, love SPY.
2019 spring Canton fair booth No. 2.1 D 25-26
2019 HK electronice fair booth No. 3D-D16
Good Product Needs More Selection
Canton Fair Booth No. 2.1C29-30, Oct.15-19, 2018. HK Electronic Fair (HKTDC) Booth No. 3C-D30, Oct.13-16, 2018


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