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Two way car alarm system with remote starter

Hot selling two way car alarm system with starter, long range control
  • 01: Model No. LQ090-816
  • 02: - -Super long range control up 1500M
  • 03: - Start with music and vibration reminding
  • 04: - Intelligent auto-arm,Car status reminding,Real-time monitoring
  • 05: - Remote starter or without remote starter is optional
  • 06: - OEM and ODM accepted, MOQ: 200sets
  • 07:
  • 08:
  • 09:
  • 10:
  • 11:
  • 12:
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Product description


SPY two way car alarm system with remote starter




Feature Function :

  • 1.Vibrating alarming programmable

    2.Sleeping mode (optional)

    3.Multi-channels negative output

    4.Auto-arm programmable

    5.Manual or automatical transmission

    6.Temperature engine start programmable

    7.Turbo timer programmable

    8.Remote alarm mode programmable (vibrating, sound or both)

    9.Shock sensor bypass programmable (activated delay)

    10.Remote engine start and warming up

    11.Engine start automatically under temperature setting and alarm clock

    12.Remote engine start for petrol & diesel engine vehicle

    13.Daily time display and alarm clock

    14.The voltage and temperature of inside vehicle display on the remote control

    15.#'7 rechargeable or dry battery are available






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