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How to choose TPMS ?

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HOW TO CHOOSE A TPMS ( tire pressure monitoring system )
①Solar panels and materials  
SPY —— Made of inported ABS+PC synthetic materials,not only can resist high tempreature,but also has better anti aging effect and is more environmentally friendly.
②Battery capacity
SPY —— 800MAH wide temperature polymer lithium battery can be used for 40 days if fully charged.
③Production standards and quality inspection capabilities
SPY —— Using NDK crystal shock technology. Display will be on automatically when driving,and will be off when stop the car.Innovative technology, products will also protect themselves.When the temperature of the display reach to 65℃,the display will stop charging automatically and will return to work again when the temperature returns to 45℃
④Display effect and method
Black Screen HD Color Display,the Digital LCD high-definition color screen which will be not affected by external light, you can easily read the data. 
⑤Material and process
Use Alloy material,so our TPMS can work stable in the environment,such as corrosion,humidity,high temperature,water innmersion,dust environment.
⑥Sensor Using chip
SPY —— Super core, Infineon chips, frequency 433.92HZ, low power consumption, smaller size .