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LCD Parking Sensor

SPY parking sensor, LCD display reversing sensor, Display connect with ACC power, 2.5 meters detecting
  • 01: Model:LP213
  • 02: -Wireless transmission technology ,easy to install
  • 03: -Transmission range between 15M to 25M
  • 04: -Detecting range from 2.5 m to 0.3m
  • 05: -Anti-jamming of electromagnetic wave
  • 06:
  • 07:
  • 08:
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  • 10:
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Product description

Wireless transmission technology ,easy to install

Transmission range between 15M  to 25M

Use new display technology design,black background with white digit

System will diagnose the four sensors and indicate the fault one in the display

Detecting range from 2.5 m to 0.3m


Alarming volume can be switched on/off

All sensors passed Aging Test

Anti-jamming of electromagnetic wave


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