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SPY Two way car alarm system with 2 LCD remote, colorful LCD display , 5000M monitor range two way alarm

Model: LQ090A - LT836
  • 01: FSK high frequency technology
  • 02: Big size LCD screen
  • 03: FSK high frequency technology
  • 04: FSK high frequency technologySuper long pager monitor range 1500M
  • 05: Strong anti-interface
  • 06: Start with music and vibration reminding
  • 07: Sound reminding with a chord of three tones
  • 08: Intelligent auto-arm,Car status reminding,Real-time monitoring
  • 09: Windows roll up automation
  • 10: Latest functions setting, handy arming and monitoring
  • 11: Remote alarm mode programmable(vibrating, sound or both)
  • 12: Remote start engine(Optional)
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Product description



【 SPY TWO WAY CAR ALARM SYSTEM 】FSK technology with super Long remote range and strong anti-interference.


【 LCD REMOTE CONTROLLER 】Big size LCD remote controller, LCD color changed  against different alert.


【 MORE FUNCTIONS 】With keyless entry , remote trunk release,auto-arm,central door lock automatically.



     Technical Parameters 


        Voltage: DC 12V




        Control distance:3000 Meters


        Siren: 105-125 dB 


        Display: LCD screen 













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