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Waterproof motorcycle TPMS, visual and audial alarm
  • 01: -Real time monitoring tire's pressure and temperature
  • 02: -Wireless installation, save money
  • 03: -Handle bar or dashboard mounting
  • 04: -Stable and good performance INFINEON solution
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  • 06:
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Product description

Special waterproof design for motorcycle

DIY installation, handlebar and dashboard mounting methods

Built-in rechargeable battery in the display, long lasting battery

Waterproof and dustproof display

Alerts for abnormal tire pressure and temperature, air slow leakage or quick leakage warning

Pressure unit convertible between Bar and Psi

Circularly display the pressure data in 50s, and then turn to the temperature data in 8s



Product name Solar power tpms
Display working voltage DC5V±0.2V
Solar power display charging current Max 100 mA±30%
Display receiving distance for sensor signal ≥15meters
Alarming factory setting High pressure 3.0, low pressure 1.8bar, temperature: 68 degree
Sensor waterproof level External IPX6, internal sensor IPX7
Sensor working temperature -20 degree~+70 degree
Standard pressure range 0~3.5Bar/0~50PSI




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